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What Is PTC?

PTC is the acronym for "Paid To Click". You can join PTC websites - nearly always for free - and get paid small amounts of real money for "clicking" on the links to advertisements, then viewing the ads for a specific amount of time. Generally, the time the ads are viewed is from ten to thirty seconds, although some may be as short as four seconds, or as long as sixty seconds. Generally, the longer you view the advertisement, the more you will be paid for having clicked that link. The process is very simple, and anyone can quickly learn to earn from PTC sites.

Once you have clicked enough to "cash out" you can be paid all that you have earned. Cash out levels vary from site to site. Some are as low as one cent, and some are many dollars, Most legitimate PTC sites let you have your earnings once you have earned between one dollar and five dollars. Most will let you wait to cash out your earnings, so that you can gather a larger payout before taking the money, if you want to do that.

Some will let you trade your earnings to upgrade to a higher-paying membership level on the site, or to purchase advertising, should you wish to do so. The details of how each site operates will be clearly explained on that site.


Like many people, I had seen PTC programs advertised for a long time, but totally ignored them... Like most budding internet marketers - I was interested in earning "the big money"...

Finally, after a few years of internet marketing, I had created enough friendships and had joined enough programs that I had people approaching me, asking me to join a program they were in.  I often joined one of their programs - particularly if they had joined one that I was promoting. Many invited me to join a PTC site, but I usually asked if they had any "marketing tools" programs I could join, instead...

Eventually I relented, and joined a PTC site. I was skeptical about ever making money, but it was free to join and participate, so I felt that I had nothing to lose but a little of my free time...

First Strategic Moves

Once I finally joined, I was still skeptical about earning money, myself, but  I clicked diligently, as I knew that it would pay a bit of money to the person who had asked me to join - and I figured that if they "were willing to work for pennies", the least I could do was try to help them do it...

Soon I had made a few dollars, and I decided to use the money I'd earned to upgrade to a "paid" membership level at that site, so that I could earn more money, more quickly. I figured if I could get paid more for each click  I made, and was going to be clicking, anyway - it just made sense to get paid more for the same clicks I was already going to be making...

First epiphany

Soon I had made over fifty dollars from that site, just by clicking my mouse.
Hummm... Maybe this wasn't such a silly idea, after all...

Further Research

I joined another long-established PTC site, which had a good reputation, just as the first one I had joined. I made a few bucks there, too, without investing any money... Again I reinvesting my first earnings in an upgraded membership, to earn more per click... I kept clicking each day...

Soon had over thirty dollars to cash out... I was detecting a pattern...

Epiphany redux

Now I was seeing that, with a little planning and dedication, I could make more money from these "Paid To Click" sites than I had been making with many of my affiliate marketing efforts...

Ongoing Journey

My journey into the world of getting "paid to click" had begun in ernest...

I invite you to join me in this journey as I share the benefits, pitfalls, lessons, tips and strategies I have learned, in my quest to make PTC profitable for regular folks like you and me...

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